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Parents will be issued 3 Car Kid Pick-up Cards for each child. Please do not lose these as this is part of our security plan to insure the safety of our East Pike children.

Car Kid requests will be taken by the office only until 2:15 each day.
Parents who have submitted a note or contacted the school prior to 2:15 will be at the flag pole with a “Car Kid Pick-up Card” for each child that is to be picked up.
A teacher will come to the flagpole to retrieve the “Car Kid pick-up card” from you and will take your card into the building to get your child.  The teacher will give the “Car Kid Pick-up Card” to your child, and your child will be brought out
to you in a small group of students. Please wait at the flagpole. Retrieve the “Car Kid Pick-up Card” from your child and reuse it every day.  Teachers will continue to gather cards and retrieve children until all students are picked up.  If someone other than the designated pick-up person attempts to pick up your child, the person will be asked to come into the office while we call the parent. The pick-up person will need to wait until the school receives verbal confirmation from the parent before leaving with the

If you forget your “Car Kid Pick-up Card”, you will be asked to come to the front of the building to sign your child out on the sign-out sheet on the sidewalk. Your child will be brought out after the students with “Car Kid Pick-up Cards”.

Safety Concerns Addressed with these Procedures
 No students will wait for pick-up at the flagpole.
 Students will be released in small groups once their parent is present.
 Students will only be released to the parent/guardian with the “Car Kid Pick-up Card”.
 People without cards will be asked to sign out and/or wait for parent confirmation.
Thank you for your understanding. Your child’s safety is always our utmost priority.  Parents who do not contact the school prior to 2:15 and want to take their child(ren) home, will have to park in the parking lot and then walk to the sidewalk by the entrance doors.  You will need to sign your child out with one of the school staff members and then wait until your child’s bus number has been called.  Please be sure to inform the office if your child is to be a Car Kid!