East Pike/Horace Mann PTA hosts Family STEM Night

On April 7, the East Pike/Horace Mann PTA held a Family STEM night, and it was a huge success!  According to Kammi Cooper, the EPHM PTA STEM committee chair, even more impressive than the participation by students and families was the level of collaboration from all around the Indiana Area School District. 

“We had four great teachers help us plan and carry out the events of the evening: Lindsey Uptegraph, David Sheeran, Geri Nath and Natalie Deck. We also had thirteen members from the Indiana High School Science Club and a handful of IUP Math department students come and be our station volunteers to facilitate playing the games with our families.”


Among the highlights of the evening was the high school students providing a live demonstration of how to make elephant toothpaste in front of the school. 

The East Pike/Horace Mann PTA is grateful to all the families who participated and would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers!