Safe2Say Threat - Junior High

September 11, 2021

Dear Indiana Area School District Community,


The purpose of this letter is to report a threat against the school and the action steps that are a result of this threat.  In short, last evening, a student was recorded making verbal threats to “shoot up the school” this Monday, September 13th.  At approximately 10:30 pm, multiple Safe 2 Say Something (S2SS) referrals were submitted as a result of said threat.  Due to the seriousness of this matter, numerous action steps with local law enforcement, in collaboration with school district officials, were set into motion.  


Numerous officials from the Indiana Area School District worked to identify the student on the recording.  Working with District Attorney Manzi, the Pennsylvania State Police, in addition to other local agencies, swift and appropriate action to ensure the safety of our students and our school community was exercised.  I want to assure our parents and families that this matter is being handled very seriously.  I also want to encourage you that we are confident in the response measures specific to this threat.  


In closing, I am happy to inform you that school will be in session as scheduled and that our shared response to this matter ensures that your children are safe to report to school.  I sincerely hope that this affirmation of our awareness and action to ensure school safety allows you to feel confident and safe. On behalf of the Indiana Area School District, I hope your weekend is spent peacefully and joyfully.


Yours very truly,



Dr. Michael Minnick, Principal

Indiana Junior High School