COVID-19 Update - Ben Franklin Elementary

September 1, 2021

Dear Families:  

The District was notified of a probable positive case of COVID-19 at Ben Franklin Elementary on September 1, 2021.  The Department of Health (DOH) worked with the School Nurse and Administration and concluded that the entire class is required to be quarantined.  The positive case WILL be attributed to the District.  

Based on the information above as well as our current case count, we will continue to stay open under the current model.  See below for the current case numbers at each building as of today.  

  • Senior High - 0 active cases
  • Junior High/Eisenhower - 1 active case
  • Horace Mann - 0 active cases
  • Ben Franklin - 1 active case
  • East Pike - 0 active cases

As a reminder, the 14-day clock starts at the onset of symptoms, not when the District is informed of the test results.  

Please understand that a temporary masking requirement and/or closure could occur in the near future at any of our schools if the rates continue to rise.  We take a great deal of time to look at each incident in a thorough manner as the details vary for each case.  Currently, we are still within the ranges as identified in our Health Plan; however, our ability to remain open is fragile.  

I realize that these are difficult times with the increased pressures the pandemic causes, and there are no guaranteed right or wrong answers at times due to the varying beliefs, attitudes, and opinions on the matter.   Again, depending on the number of cases and related factors surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a temporary mask requirement may be necessary.  If you are planning to have your child opt-out of wearing a mask, we are respectfully asking families to have their child(ren)’s physician complete a form and return it to your child(ren)’s principal.  We thank you all for what you have done already and thank you for the work that is to come.  We truly appreciate you all. Please visit our COVID dashboard at for additional information relating to the number of positive cases and quarantines the District is facing at the current time.  


Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

IASD Superintendent