Google Classroom - A Guide for Parents

Dear Families:

As we prepare for our continuity of education rollout on April 2nd, we wanted to provide you with some tools, tips, and resources to help you and your child navigate our remote learning platforms: Google Classroom for those students in grades 4-12.  Students in grades PreK-3 will be using Google Sites. 

For those students in grades PreK-3, your child’s teacher will email you the link for their Google Site in the next several days. Google Sites is simply a webpage that will work exactly as other websites with which you are familiar. Please understand that we would much rather have our students in school than on a computer.  While we believe that technology is a valuable resource similar to that of a textbook, our teachers make the biggest difference. We want to support you the best we can with the technology we will be using as part of our continuity of education plan. 

Your child’s teacher will provide you with more detailed instructions on how to enter their Google Classroom (Grades 4-12) and/or directions on how to visit their Google Sites (PreK-3) between March 30 - and April 1st.  Feel free to email your child’s teacher if you do not receive any correspondence by the end of the day on Wednesday.   You can visit our website to locate all of the email addresses for our staff.  Additionally, our school counselors will be reaching out to those families who indicated they did not have Internet access to discuss how the learning packets will be distributed.  

We continue to wish you and your family’s health and safety during this difficult time.  Feel free to call upon us at any time.  

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

Superintendent of Schools